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Male Beauty Forum,offering Full Body Men's Body Hair Removal Services in Toronto,Ensuring professional skillful help in getting you to look great naked.....specialized in Body Hair Removal Services, Waxing Clipping,Shaving,Coloring as well as Laser Hair Removal:Manscaping like mainstream does not have with just their waxing services alone.

Established at 10 Huntley Street since 1997,always building a clientele based on trust, providing great customer service and massive transformational intrinsic value....I really do.

I can be reached at 416 579-8507 or by email from the Contact Claude forms on each of the site pages.

Male Beauty Forum remains a fun beyond mainstream A to Z Guide,from

information on Toronto Manscaping Services,to Cutting edge technology Longevity Health Products direct from the manufacturer. Plain Mansome truth facts and insider secrets that the Spa & Wellness industry will not tell you,since they simply do not know.

I keep the pages info here on Men's Health Beauty Treatments & Tips on Anti-Aging and Longevity,very plain,no ads,pop ups,bells or fancy whistles to distract.....So that it makes sense.Unlike mainstream which talks about Manscaping but do not have the experience and service menu set Claude Edwin Theriault has from his experience in the Spa Industry

So I may speak clearly from my position of daily belief and practice in the multiple domains of Body Hair Removal,Health Fitness, Beauty, Longevity,MLM Home Business,Wealth Creation Lifestyle and provide Massive Transformation value to the readers looking for direct source contact info on these topics and in so doing;impact the lives of the many different mindsets that visit my site.

I may be reached by email from the Contact Claude form on anyone of the sites pages or locally in Toronto by Telephone at 416:579-8507

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Currently the Go to Guy source,for Affluent Men's Lifestyle info at Pinterest/MalebeautyForum...... Visit and see why

All about bringing massive transformational value into peoples lives.Like the Free New Male Beauty Forum Android App I built;for you to download and have mobile device access to great info.

My current active Web 2.0 Social Media participation has me creating and sharing new Online Business Success opportunities;for the new breed of entrepreneurs, emerging.Along with the Lifestyle management that comes with this new career mindset.Through Wealth Creation,with the good solid

Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store on The Amazon platform.

Have a look at a brief walk through tour of my studio on video below.

Something no other site is doing in it's setup, so read on and read thoroughly, since I have spent years set up this info into a system to carry it through to completion and delivery to these web pages.

Hence the reason I am experiencing growth in business due to the Massive Transformational value provided to clients.Do so and they will adopt you as their Go To Guy source for their needs.

My name is Claude Edwin Theriault and I have been serving Attitude-Free Beauty Services here in the Studio Space I set up here at 10 Huntley Street since June 1997.I continue serve the United nations of male clients;Gay, Bi,Straight,Married,Single ,Divorced.

All of them interested in a wide spa menu of Body Hair Removal,weight loss supplements,anti-aging human growth hormone and Glutathione food supplements, Organic Marine Phytoplankton skin care products I promote through drop shipping from my stigma-free Direct Sales manufacturer at substantial savings from purchasing retail.

Dedicated to achieving:Wealth Creation, Financial Independence,Dynamic Health And Emotional Well Being,for real!

In May-July2013,I was offering my Men's Spa services of Massage ,Salt Scrubs,Facials,and Body hair waxing and clipping in Shediac New Brunswick, it was a success .I met lots of great new clients, and spent time by the sea.It was the last half of the month from May-July 2013. In 2016, I will be setting up a satelitte Spa in South Western Nova Scotia.... So local Guys mark your calenders for that.

My 30 years as Symbolist painter is here in the On-line Gallery of my Art Work,as well as Short Video feeds of my work with consenting clients who enjoy serving as the models in the promotion of my work.Quite a spectrum of stuff that is quickly coming together as an Alexa ranked Authority site of simple easy to read and understand articles on the goods to shape and change our newly evolving Financial Wealth creation Home Business mindset.

With Health & Beauty in our lives and the Men's Spa Fitness body image all over, in general,I am now still very much a part of an intense continuing education training to come up to the skills needed to make a difference in the Web 2.0 Social Media mindset. It leaves me overwhelmed at times but am doing just great.

I work in a most concise professional yet relaxed manner . Building good rapport with clients,to establish their needs,then meet their needs. Since I believe ones decision in choosing a Beauty Therapist is both a personal and intimate one.

I know that contacting a Beauty Therapist for the first time is a Historic moment in a mans life and one wants contact however I encourage you to not be shy ,leave your name ,telephone number and a brief message and I will return your call in very little time,and we'll talk and address your Body Hair Removal,needs easily. Some chose to e-mail me their questions and concerns ;at the contact link provided at the bottom of the various topic pages here at the Male Beauty Forum.That works as well since I spend a lot of my spare time at my various beauty blog profiles researching and writing articles. However I do quickly answer all e-mail I get from local to trans-world here as well,since it's just important and fun for me to do.

Health happiness and Longevity can be had; along with the Sexy tag that comes with it,Plain Healthy and Well Groomed is the New HOT.

I continue to have the pleasure of meeting with my clients to establish and address their Male Body Hair Removal needs and concerns. Beauty treatments are not a vanity or a privilege allowed only to wives and mothers on Mothers day. The male client is not fussy,picky,touchy or bitchy,they are E-Z to meet and deal with,since they like info and treatments to be plain and simple. Waxing is by far the most popular,most men experience unwanted excess body hair and it really bugs them,and when something really bugs a man he usually does something about it.

Sharing the right mistake free channels to achieve the self branding needed to become the go to person and start getting residual multiple streams of income easy with the SEO Web 2.0 Social Media phenomenon that is happening right now!

All the media portrayal of Masculine Beauty you see these days uses Male Body Hair Removal Model Types and has established that Icon as the Benchmark; it is a strong presence and is here to stay.It is not for the Male Beauty Pageant look it is just to make Fitness gym ware worth while,as well as the over all feeling of Smooth,Clean and fully lighter a standard comment I receive daily. Male Body Hair evolved to protect against friction on the skin as well as to adsorb perspiration away from the skin.

Todays modern man no longer has such a need ,hence the continued growth and interest in the Hairless Male Physique,and the Body hair Removal,services that can bring you this look. So welcome,enjoy and read on,feel free to leave a pertinent, relevant and non self promoting spam like comment, on the pages that invite you to do so.

Since this is a very highly ranked website with Alexa ranking, you can have your say in the matter read and commented on by the large audience that drops by here. And earn a backlink to your site !

male nude art gallery,Claude Edwin Theriault

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