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Bitcoin Exchange Platform ™

The Bitcoin Exchange Platform is very new,created in 2009 by one or more unknown persons who used the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto;who seems to have vanished in 2010.Never has there been such a thing as a currency not backed or affiliated with a country or National Banking Authority, like Bitcoin is,not tied to any government,therefore not affected by inflation.... which is quite unheard of in the financial realm

In brief Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency, known as Crypto Currency, since it uses cryptography, in order to keep transactions and information secret.
It is an identifier that consists of 27 to 34 alphanumeric characters, always starting with 1 or 3.
One can use bitcoins for making instant payments for products or services. Bitcoins can be transferred quickly and easily, by phone,Internet or even QR Codes.  Bitcoin is based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, a decentralized and distributed network whose nodes, called peers, are suppliers and consumers at the same time, sharing tasks amongst one another and making information available to each other,something that is now as casual as an Interac transaction.

One can divide Bitcoins to eight decimal places. Fractions of Bitcoins are called satoshis, named after Satoshi Nakamoto.

Many people in the know say that Bitcoin is part of the economy of the Future, a very non mainstream source of huge wealth to safe guard your financial security.

Created by Bit mining in Block Chains ( Big banks of computers that solve very complicated mathematical equations)
Once these equations are solved Bit coin is Earned by that person.
It is however very expensive to mine since the computer resources needed are very large as is the amount of electricity used.

Therefore it is easier to buy and sell bit coins then to invest in the mining of it, hence the popularity, high action  and volatile up and down aspect of the crypto currency, trading 24/7 unlike stock exchanges that close.

Trading is stressful, since chart reading is an acquired skill. However young entrepreneurial types have created a webinar on the use of this Bitcoin Exchange Platform software called Bitcoin Exchange Bot. Which downloads onto your Google Chrome browser, is on 24/7 and follows the trading trends based on the EMI signals on several different exchanges at the same time.Calculates the odds based on the trends,and long term tracking strategies,saving you the insane task of attempting to do that.

It can then buy and sell for you at the prices you set it to buy and sell so you do not have to be up and watching the feed 24/7.

It must be very clear to all that this is not a magic a magic wand it is simply a software tool doing permutations and combinations of Odds and probability. Disclaimers state earnings and results vary and depend on you as well as the software .

The Bitcoin Exchange Platform...

You can keep Bitcoins ,in a digital wallet address you create. Getting and account with trading exchanges like BTCe or MTGox is quite easy, simply send basic Picture Id ( a copy of a Bill invoice and drivers license )
It takes 2 -3 weeks to get accepted and given a account tied in with only your computer API address not your personal on so it's anonymous.
For Super Verified status a Notary can get a legal document and sign that you really are who you say you are.

One can enter the playing field with as little as 50 -100 dollars and buy part off 1 bit coin ( 0.2 or 0.8) parts of a coin that are kept in virtual wallets.
There are Ways to render your Virtual wallet Hacker Proof. The Currency for Patriots have access to the resources that can help you set that up quickly ,easily at little cost. So that you my be relieved of that worry.

Also be very aware that a volatile trading exchange with ROIs of up 1000% and more is no place for someone with a gambling addiction type personality ,since you can drive yourself to insane levels of financial ruin and gain in very little time.

However there has never been anything like these evolving Bitcoin mining & trading platforms, and it is the one to watch from now on...it really is.

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