Body Hair Color

Body Hair Color,Clip how to Video

As fun as it is to work with on the head ,Body Hair Color is even more so on the Men's Spa menu.Same rule of Permanent Body Hair Grooming Color being it is the best and longest lasting to use.Mix up a bit more color, use a bigger brush ,do this naked on a day when you have time.

Start applying central axis of chest ,work down to include the male bulge enhancing Pubic bush,and outward toward where it tappers off,dilute the brush with water at the edges,watch how it turns darker as it oxidizes,leave for 20-25min rinse in the shower.

Also a touch of the mix on the goatee,beard,and eyebrows will give continuity to the good grooming ensemble.Sounds wild but it is pennies per application once a month and white chest hair is no longer an issue making one feel older then need be.

A neat creation of mine that has not quite made it to the mainstream Nude Male Image yet. But will soon enough,Since Body Hair Color has a very powerful anti-aging transformation effect visually.It really does instantly take 10 years off the tired white body hair look.

I work out of a nicely set up clean and professional local I set up more then 10 years ago at 10 Huntley Street. For any questions you may have.

I may be reached locally in Toronto by Telephone at 416:579-8507. or by email from the Contact Claude form on anyone of the sites pages.

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