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Whole Food Supplement.™

A Whole Food Supplement, Marine Phytoplankton regime with a state of the art source like Frequensea. And the July 2010 newly released Supplement Concentrate PURE.Delivering serious bang for your buck you can count on to nourish the body from the inside out. Since it is an even more effective vehicle to great health,it is a philosophy a lot of men do not realize .But the building blocks come from inside with the foods we consume. Farming is now manufacturing foods not as nutritious as they use to be, leaving us in need of a good food supplement regime. This can be a chore with Food Supplements for this ,others for that with results coming up short ,since even multi-vitamins do not cover A to Z, they really don't. Plus again the supposedly Natural ingredients are grown in a production line assembly fashion: they really are.Even organic Food supplements lack the assimilate ability to integrate all the nutrition,due to binders and fillers. Also contend with Publicity ,mark-up and rent factoring into the price, it is not a happening thing.

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Oddly enough these days it is Marine Phytoplankton, tiny sea veggies too small to see .However on the My Forever Green Business company sea farm on the Pacific Nothwest Coast;they grow so thick they are visible to the eye.More the 200 of them are in the product covering all the nutritional Whole Food Supplement Bases from A to Z.

Vigorous testing is done for each batch,each batch grows in a season and it's nutritive value corresponds to that season, while we now tend to all eat out off season foods.   All is part of bringing a nutritive balance you can feel fast. I was fortunate to discover how no other product on the market covers as much nutrition in such a 100% ionic absorption way, meaning it is so small it gets into the blood stream fast. I am very happy with my account ,you too can have your own account for a product that grows wild under pristine conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

Theses days there is not a greater industry platform in the world to create community change, on the financial, personal, and of course physical health level;one person at a time.

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