I keep the pages info here on Men's Health Beauty Treatments & Tips on Anti-Aging and Longevity, very plain, no ads, pop ups, bells or fancy whistles to distract.....So that it makes sense.

Unlike mainstream which talks about Manscaping but do not have the experience and service menu; Claude Edwin Theriault has from his more then 25 years experience in the Men's Body Hair Removal  Spa Industry: in Toronto as well as Montreal.

Serving Clients what they tell me they need in Manscaping, not what I feel they need.

Currently in Nova Scotia working on the Print on Demand side of MBF-Lifestyle...with a return to the GTA in Spring 2020

Let me know if there is an interest.

Have a look at a brief walk through Video tour of my former studio below...

Something no other site is doing in it's setup, so read on and read thoroughly, since I have spent years set up this info into a system to carry it through to completion and delivery to these web pages.
Hence the reason I am experiencing growth in business due to the Massive Transformational value provided to clients.Do so and they will adopt you as their Go To Guy source for their needs.

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All of them interested in a wide spa menu of Body Hair Removal And Emotional Well Being, for real!

With Health & Beauty in our aging lives and the Men's Spa Fitness body image all over, in general,I am now still very much a part of an intense continuing education training to come up to the skills needed to make a difference in the Web 2.0 Social Media mindset. It leaves me overwhelmed at times but am doing just great.

I work in a most concise professional yet relaxed manner . Building good rapport with clients, to establish their needs, then meet their needs. Since I believe ones decision in choosing a Beauty Therapist is both a personal and intimate one.

I know that contacting a Beauty Therapist for the first time is a Historic moment in a mans life and one wants contact however I encourage you to not be shy ,leave your name and a brief message and I will return answer your email in very little time

In May 2018-MBF-Lifestyle East Coast , has set up an Online Nova Scotia Artist Gallery... offering Print on Demand artworks am enjoying the break as I rewrite stuff...

However I continue to be confident of the need for my Men's Spa services ...  like I provided in Toronto; since the demographics are Liberal Forward Thinking and Uninhibited..

FAQ ( Frequently asked Questions) I get asked the most often examples below:

What is the cost of Body Hair removal services, how much does men's body waxing hurt, how long does it take to do a body hair removal session in your Trenton studio, how painful is body hair removal, do you do butt waxing, where is your body hair removal studio located, how many laser sessions do I need, does body waxing make the hair weaker.... and many more.

No question is left unanswered, so type in your question and get informed today........

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