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Adult Stem Cell.

In terms of this greatly debated Therapy of Adult Stem Cell,vs Embryonic Stem Cell Research/Treatment, and there use.The jury is out as to what technology is now available to the public. So that all may benefit from the extensive research on this controversy and debate free life enhancing technology; to deal with Diseases. I read a National Institute of Health report identifying more then 74 treatable diseases using this new technology,since the amount of stem cells circulating is a very good indicator of over all health.

Also note that back in Dec19,2009 Pfizer announced the purchase to the rights to a somewhat controversial cell therapy to treat inflammatory bowel disease ,a sign of big pharmaceutical companies growing interest in the field.

In 2018 there is great news via The Healing Miracle research you can watch, Well worth the eye opening effort as to what is now on the verge of going public

Adult Stem Cell Therapy...

Unlike the embryonic stem cells that are a major issue .With this human longevity nutrition there is no such obstacle, since they are "naturally occurring in the body",Adult Stem Cell exist in more tissues then once thought possible and reside in specific areas of each tissues and remain dormant until acted upon by disease or tissue injury. They are "master cells"capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods of time and give rise to specialized function i.e.(red blood cell,skin cell,muscle cell)Once released into the system the new cells work on problem areas of the body.

As we age,adult stem cells tend to stick to our bone marrow more, and circulate much less in our blood stream. With this gradual decrease in the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream we are more susceptible to age-related health challenges. And we miss how they serve as a continuing maintain and repair crew to the body system; they really do ,hence the slowing down of the Biological time clock , reduction in the oxydative stress meaning the degenerative break down (like...Rust) in limbs and tissues.

I feel there is so much talk on the government issues that people miss the boat on "the real news". In the form of supplements and nutrition that are both safe and very inexpensive for the extensive long term and highly noticeable repair work it does, from the inside out.

Have a read at the multiple Adult Stem Cell uses that are now available and no longer in the realm of Science Fiction... So that your body can be supplied with a variety of new cells that have the ability to divide,self renew and regenerate organs. Very important therapeutic uses to benefit from quickly for long term care solutions to our needs.

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