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In my constant AntiAgingNutritionSupplement research I spend a lot of time at my own membership page with Myforevergreen. Since my devotion to the nutritional value of Marine phytoplankton makes that there is no better source to get results with.

Importance of Telomere health with Retromé

Because imperfections in the biological process of our constant cellular replication, it happens that each time a cell divides a portion of the telomere is lost. No big deal at the time ,however after numerous cellular devisions it adds up.Resulting in a significantly reduction of Telomeres which are defines as a compound structure at the end of the DNA strands of chromosome so as to keep them from unravelling.

With reduced  telomeres, cells will no longer divide and replicate. When a cell no longer divides, it is described in biology as hitting its Hayflick limit. Enter Retrome a great new source of cycloastrogenol...that sustains the production of telomerase,the enzyme responsible for adding telomeres to the ends of chromosomes. Resulting in health happy telomeres and great cellular regeneration...which is what we want ., the ability of extracting 

is lost. After a certain number of divisions, telomeres are significantly reduced. Ultimately, without telomeres, cells will no longer divide and replicate. When a cell no longer divides, it is described in biology as hitting its Hayflick limit. In scientific cell testing, cycloastragenol has been shown to allow cells to divide past their Hayflick limit.

Cycloastragenol is found in the astragalus root. Although the astragalus plant has been a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries, the ability of extracting the cycloastragenol from the root is the point where ancient medicinal traditions and modern science converge.

Watch the Retrome video below..that explains it all in a clear and short manner.


One of the major ingredients in Retrome,,, is cycloastragenol which proven itself in maintaining the health of, or even at times lengthening telomeres. Remember that every time a cell divides, a portion of the telomere is lost, diminishing its length over time.

Retromé contains an astounding 98% pure cycloastragenol,only found in the astragalus root. The astragalus root has been a staple in Chinese medicine for centuries, but the expensive high tech to extract the cyclostragenol compound is new : and part of the Myforevergreen labs.

Similar cycloastragenol products out there do not have anywhere near as much nutritional punch as Retrome...they really don't.Which means you can take less Retromé to get the same benefits of competing products, and you get the bio regenerative cyloastragenol in its purest form without all the extra and unnecessary filler ingredients found out there 

Like all of the products in the Forever Green line the quality and quantity of principal active ingredients makes that it has so much nutritional bang for the buck, hence my having kept and maintained an active account with them  since 2001.

Visit my member site and see none sales pushing info on this Retrome game changer AntiAgingNutritionSupplement  source.

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