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Men's Body Hair Clip & Shave.

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Are you a Man with excess Hirsutism.... meaning Body Hair that Bugs You? And waxing is just ...too painful... then there is the mens full Body Hair Clipping and Shave ,Body Shaving or Manscaping as Media puts it.

Do you want to how the cost for quality Men's Body Hair Grooming or which is the best fit for your needs...then contact me so I can help.

For Men who want the male celebrity Look quick; it is an instant Men's Grooming fix without the mild to moderate stinging sensation of the Manzillian waxing,to remove unwanted excess body hair.It is as old as Egypt where waxing as well as Body Shaving was reserved for the most noble of male nudes.

The new Beauty Bars talk of manscaping, however with just waxing on their menu they do not serve the needs of Men who need ,Clipping,shaving or even color to take years off by removing all that white chest and pubic bush hair.

Hence the reason why it was popular for the reason that it feels great after it's done.So you can look great naked.With my period and setup in Toronto from 1997-2018.I created a full menu to serve these hair grooming needs in a clear and professional manner, from my studio on Huntley Street.

In May 2018 I will be retiring and no longer offering these

 Men's Health Spa Services

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If waxing is of interest read my Mens' body waxing services article still the best source for plain truth on how different it is from the Standard mainstream emerging Tim Spa circuit.


 Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault  will continue to  offer practical advice as to which is the best solution for you, using the MBF-Lifestyle platforms to keep you in the loop .Click the link above and join the free group to get relevant News trends...

Body Hair Clip and Shave ... see how it works, well it works well and has done so the 1997-2018 ,while other "Spas du Jour" have come and gone. The Male Beauty Forum endured and continued; due to serving the customer needs in a clear, concise and relax manner.Which is all Guys basically wanted.

Body Hair Clip and Shave, can be done easily at home.A good cordless rechargeable Clipper as well as inexpensive razor blades can be bought at ebay. A good clipper will last a lifetime, Clipping should be done in a shower stall to easily scoop up the cut hair for the waste basket and for easy rinsing off of the rest.Work with a guide,moving in the direction of hair growth (ie Hair stream as it is called) will remove a bit of length passing at a 45 degree angle will remove a bit more and against the hair stream with a guide will be cut even shorter still.

Put an end to overpriced drug store blades ...get yours at the Dollar Shave Club. It's where I get mine and they work great.

Remember not to jump everywhere work methodically,starting at one place and working your way up , around,and back to the beginning.Pubic hair is best trimmed clipper over comb,first comb out then pass the comb out to near the end and clip the excess giving a nice Barbered crew cut control over the arc curve of the pubian nubian bush.


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