Men's Health and Beauty Therapist ; offering Manscaping Spa Services Belleville /Trenton ,Prince Edward Co, Ontario. Mancave Wall Art/Home Decor ideas from online Nova Scotia French Acadian artist Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault . Using multiple (POD) Print on Demand platforms to provide cost effective Mancave Wall art/Home Decor with art reproductions. From laminated artworks ,to T-Shirt/Shower Curtain to Phone Case/Yoga Mat... it's a great way to have an art piece without the price tag of buying the original. Men's Body Hair Grooming Services Belleville Trenton ,Prince Edward Co,Ontario. By certified male health and beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault. By appointment serious non sexual inquiries only@ Male Beauty Forum. At 10 Huntley Street ,Toronto from 1997-2018. Coming to the Quinte Bay area Fall 2018

Body Hair Colouring.™

Body Hair Colour for Men...  Also place a touch of the mix onto the goatee,beard,and eyebrows. Since it will give continuity to the good grooming ensemble going on below.Sounds wild but it is pennies per application; done once a month and white chest hair is no longer an issue making one feel older then need be.

It takes years off it really does.... It is not hazardous to your health.

It can however become just a little bit messy so be careful & do this on a day where you are not rushed and have lots of time.

Then apply the mix, central axis outward. The amount of time to  leave it on the hair is 12-15 minutes, you will see how the colour cream you mix becomes really dark as it's oxidative process develops, don't become alarmed .

As fun as it is to work with on the head ,Men's Body Hair Colour is even more so on the Men's Spa menu.Same rule to and excellent compliment to Men's Body Hair Grooming. Colour being it is the best and longest lasting to use.

Mix up a bit more colour, use a bigger brush ,do this naked on a day when you have time.

Start applying central axis of chest ,work down to include the male bulge enhancing Pubic bush,and outward toward where it tappers off,dilute the brush with water at the edges,watch how it turns darker as it oxidizes,leave for 20-25min rinse in the shower.

However it all washes off in the shower, there is a bit of staining onto the skin,however a fine skin scrub product mixed with your shower gel will remove it.

Give it a try and leave some feed back as to how you make out with this cool no one will ever know grooming trick... Coming in May 1 201

Devoted Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault  will continue to  offer practical advice as to which is the best solution for you, using the MBF-Lifestyle platforms to keep you in the loop... with the relocation from Toronto to the Prince Edward Co area of Belleville December 2018.

Since the area is a progress thinking area perfect for my Men's Body Hair Grooming services.

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