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Cardiovascular  Health Supplement.™

Adding a Cardiovascular Health Supplement , to our routine is not a bad idea, to increase our Longevity .Since heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and women. Killing more then the other 9 sources of death combined. With the first symptom often being sudden death,and there you go.

This page speaks about Pulse 8,an advanced proprietary formula containing the grand master L-Arginine.

Of it's many qualities blood flow enhancement is the prime one,enabling it to address the problem of premature cardiovascular aging, as well as supporting healthy sexual performance and even aids in achieving less body fat. L-Arginine is used by the body to produce nitric oxide which regulates circulation and other important metabolic activities in the body. To further compliment the work:Pulse 8 includes

Vitamin B complex which are naturally high in anti-oxidants great for overall health and higher levels of energy.

Vitamin C to control the free radicals that induce aging.

Vitamin D to regulate Calcium and Phosporous in the blood from food and then re absorption of calcium in the kidneys;a somewhat complex back and forth process but very important non the less. CoQ10 for the high enegy organs of Heart and Liver.

Inulin to lower blood cholesterol & glucose levels.

Acai Berries for anti-oxidants.

Pomegranate to support arterial wall strength and enhancing the enzyme activity that converts the L-Arginine to nitric oxide in the first place.

Red wine extract to reduce oxidative stress of aging.

Discover L- Arginine Enhanced Cardio Supplement, Pulse 8 Smart food by my forever green.Optimum cardiovascular health. Via Active Distributor account of Claude Edwin Theriault

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Cardiovascular Health Supplement

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