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Even though the likes of Genomics and Navigenics are still new. I truly feel that the tailoring of our individual Health Care and Lifestyle based on DNA & Biomarkers is not far off at all with the likes of where one can now buy ones entire Racked&Stacked Sequenced Genome.With everything technical doubling every 18 months watch for Tailor Made "Fixes" being had in the realm of Health'n'Fitness "People with Money". Companies do try to be responsible but like all new Sciences decisions based on incomplete or erroneous science remain part of the Mapping work in Progress.

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Since 2002 the "Pharma Machina" has discovered that linking ones own Genetics to new drug compounds is a lot more expensive and Complex then what was at first thought.

However Human DNA is very intriguing it vibrates at 52-88 billion cycles per second.Which Mystic types will tell you is the same frequency as the Solar System .As for the Formula 1 health aficionado types;DNA you own and map is the next step and extension to the nip and tuck staple gun medical cosmetic surgery rage that is here to stay.

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