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Grass Roots Travel.

Grass Roots travel has really interested people in recent times as they not only provide for a unique traveling experience but also offers very affordable schemes as well. There are many companies offering such trips but the best are Intrepid Travel and Gap Adventures.

Discover World Heritage on !

Intrepid Travel is a tour operating company that offers small group tours to numerous destinations across Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia and Antarctica. It was started by two university friends after their experience touring Sahara in a converted tipper truck. Intrepid offers close to 1000 planned small grassroots travel program. It is a carbon neutral organization and is working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their offices and their trips.

It lays emphasis on touring the locations and experiencing things through the view point of the locals. Traveling is done by local public transport and local cuisine is served and most importantly interaction with the natives. It also plans out tailor made specific tours for closed groups or families or gays and lesbians. The trip duration is mostly between 8 and 28 days but they also offer an epic tour of 150 days from Istanbul to Cape Town. And the cost is kept at a moderate level so that everybody can enjoy the Grassroots Travel Experience.

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