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Spring 2018 update.....All the Hot Daily News and Trends are now on the new MBF-Lifestyle Group on Face book....come join the fun and engaging Mancave Tribe group talk there.It really is worth the effort to be  a part just do it, and see.

  • Claude Edwin Theriault, the Certified Men's Health and Wellness Therapist, behind Male Beauty Forum,Lifestyle has announced that his Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle Facebook group is where he will spend time Curating relevant content on trending news in Anti-Aging, Longevity and Personal Growth.
  • To a growing demographic of an aging population in need of making informed decisions. It is growing exponentially due to the plain truth, no nonsense news found there. It provides men’s lifestyle news and trends, which people can engage with and share their ideas with like minded forward thinking people.It also offers the chance to get questions answered quickly, in an active group setting.
  • More information can be found below 
  • MBF Lifestyle East Coast group was started by health and beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault, with the aim of providing a forum for the development and discussion of ideas and the Facebook Group platform is by far the best to do this. It is the free to join world stage  place for people to share the extensive knowledge acquired by having his hands on the pulse of influential minds in the know for many years
  • .In a world where mainstream sources are more and more confusing and not as trustworthy as many people like, the MBF Lifestyle page gives people access to Wellness news and information they can trust.Claude Edwin Theriault explains that, in the close to 30 years experience he has accrued in the business, he has found and even created a lot of exciting content that is relevant to living a full, rich and affluent lifestyle.He is committed to sharing trends and news on anti aging and longevity and more always asking group members what they would like to see more of. This touches on multiple Lifestyle  aspects from bachelor pad wall decor to personal development and entrepreneurial achievement, helping people to attain their life goals.

  • FaceBook groups are such an engaging knowledge base for people to debate, discuss, and grow. In addition to this, the free Group aims to ensure active members enjoy themselves along the way and publish their say as well to a targeted audience of like minded people. 
  • Claude created it so that more people can benefit from the insight contained within, and achieve personal growth and happiness as a group.
  • Note: “To get the most out of the group, please ask a lot of questions. Since an inquisitive mind is an engaged mind. Use the search function before posting a question since the answer may already be in a dialog tread.”Full details of how the group is growing, how anyone can join, and the benefits of engaging and sharing with your friends can be found below... visit and be part of the family...

As well the at times Provincial and conservative Nova Scotia Artist culture is due News and Trends shift; in Claude Edwin Theriault move....continues.

With MBF-Lifestyle studio and extensive art collection setting up home in the Maude Lewis; area of Yarmouth and Digby Co Nova Scotia so as to shed new light on local Nova Scotia French Acadian culture.