Men's Health and Beauty Therapist ; offering Manscaping Spa Services Belleville /Trenton ,Prince Edward Co, Ontario. Mancave Wall Art/Home Decor ideas from online Nova Scotia French Acadian artist Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault . Using multiple (POD) Print on Demand platforms to provide cost effective Mancave Wall art/Home Decor with art reproductions. From laminated artworks ,to T-Shirt/Shower Curtain to Phone Case/Yoga Mat... it's a great way to have an art piece without the price tag of buying the original. Info on that condition something called "male-type depression" and the Tapping solutions for it


As popular as it is not ,fact is MaleDepression is very much here amongst us.Here is a way to think about it;since it along with the symptoms of sadness and hopelessness it brings is seen as a threat to our masculinity it usually is "under rug swept". Until a bigger then big incident like arrest or job loss forces us to seek help

Even though there is no precise cause. It has lots to do with the emotional thought process & social environment. Especially in mid-life(40-50yrs) of age. But remember this;if left untreated MaleDepression can disrupt your life on many levels and just plain leave you feeling chronically unhappy and miserable.

A great source of Free DIY you can do that really works is tapping with Nick Ortner... Have Tapping Solution look....

As for the suicide way out,did you know men are 4-5 times more likely then women to go that route, and more likely to complete it successfully due to the use of more lethally effective means. Treatments be it anti-depressants,to psychotherapy can do the trick just fine and can actually be a fun process of transformational growth and change.My personal take on it is very inspired by Articles on Buddha teachings, they being so simple they are difficult,and so difficult that they are simple.Cessation;seeing thoughts as just thoughts that rise,come and go instead of taking form and sticking around.Living it "Now" with no such thing as a past to haunt us or future to worry about,because there is no such thing as a future,just one big continuous "Now".Laughing it up lots helps,especially at the foolishness of our pretty little ego based lives can take us away from the "it all" aspects of our lives. So we can come back and look at it renewed and inspired, instead of bored and jaded by it all.I find Dr. Archibald D. Hart has a great core knowledge on the topic Unmasking Male Depression: Recognizing the Root Cause to Many Problem Behaviors Such as Anger, Resentment, Abusiveness, Silence, Addictions, and Sexual Compulsiveness

What this all boils down to; say Depression out loud talk about it with the few people you can practice safe dialogue with and it does become better,it really does!

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