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Male Nude Artist Gallery,™

Shown here, in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian Claude Edwin Theriault, is a very original body of High End Artworks and classic erotic drawings/paintings.That serve well as part of ones Art and Design trends mindset relocating to the Land of Maude Lewis inSouth West Nova Scotia  location May .2018 

It is part of the MBF-Lifestyle Eastcoast artworks ...coming based online Art Gallery ,a change from all the male gallery photography art school of thought sites out there.

As of  2017 I am also working on a new online gallery at my new online store, it shows and explain my work from 2013 to 1980.

It now has a clickable link you can use to access the extensive

MBF-Lifestyle East Coast Art Collection.


My early influences were Nova Scotia maritime folk art,then First Nations art and have now gone;to where my current Symbolist work is now inspired by a very esoteric zero point 2012 end of Mayan Calendar type visual .

I do not sell the paintings I sell reproductions of them at:

go see the full quality art reproduction collection you have access go...there it is a feast for the Naked Eye.

Since beneath our world of reason,lies another world. Which is why I use Archetypes; those innate inherited structures in the collective unconscious;as veritable psychological finger prints. Gods and nude male Archangels are used as symbolic metaphors of Archetypal behaviour and myths as Archetypal enactments.

Meaning things are not as they appear to be, there is a "serious" Honkin story going on, on the side!

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