Men's Body Hair Waxing Services of Waxing Clipping Shaving Certified Men's Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault at male beauty forum at 10 Huntley Street ,Toronto from 1997-2018 Body hair grooming Spa services . Clean professional cost effective solutions to mens excess body hair. Clean professional attention to detail, by appointment, serious non sexual inquiries only

Man Body Waxing.™

Asking for which is the best Men's Body Hair Removal Place to Go Guy, or the Cost of Men's Body Waxing services ?

From 1997-2018 I did really good clean professional quality service without the pretentious Spa Attitude, at my 10 Huntley Street Studio.

Male Beauty Forum is still the place to get this, with my full service Men's Body Hair Grooming via, a return in Spring 2020

Since the  Liberal forward  thinking.... demographics of the men in that area make it a perfect fit for my relocation from Nova Scotia...

My name is Claude Edwin Theriault and was  established in Toronto from 1997-2018, offering an easy cost effective means for men to get their body grooming done ....Since Men's body hair removal needs are more extensive then Women's who just need waxing. And with the influx of new Waxing Bars on the scene they simply do not have true Manscaping, with just waxing on their menu.According to the feed back I am getting from my new clients...

So read on and see how Male Beauty Forum can bring transformational value into your body hair grooming routine.

As in the NDYag  Laser treatments I did from 2000-2018 I find a parallel ;in that Body Waxing the Back and Shoulders is the most popular ,then Buttocks, Chest stomach,Arms, Legs.However I offer easy cost effective combos of waxing ,clipping and shaving that no one else des ...since they cannot be bothered with their attitude..

View painless  Men's Body Hair Waxing demo below.

Man Body Waxing...

 is now so very much a part of the mainstream .

It is not just gay men or models,my clientele is now made up of an ever increasing amount of straight men who just want hair removal;and nothing more.

In areas no other mainstream Spa will talk about let alone do,hence the creation of my Niche market. Since it really is just a new 21st century grooming thing; as casual as clipping ones toe really is.

Read more on my Waxing Body Clip & Shave Combo,article as an extension to my work:

Look forward to meeting the new clients with my move to Toronto...drop me message to ask any questions you may have....

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