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Manicure Pedicure.™

Manicure Pedicure have been going up and up on the increasing popularity Man Spa scale these few years,and with good reason.These two Nail Beauty treatments,are a form of mini touch up in the Men Beauty and Grooming menu ,when there is no time to undress and get Horizontal.

All reflexology terminal points are in the hands and feet so the body does get a tune up via the manipulation of the points in the hands and feet.

Plus the Cuticles do get to take a beating and nails do need to be cut and filed it makes a better look then when they are simply torn and or chewed off.

Make it a point to try one or a combo of the two  ASAP... you'll be glad you did.

See what Yahoo answers has to say on Manicure/Pedicure for men....

Check out the above video on how to care for your hands and nails without going to a salon. Watch these easy steps for you to do at home while watching the game. As well as the easy 2 minute pedicure video below on how to care for your often ignored feet. Watch the easy steps for you to do at-home to get those toes and soles smooth and groomed . Whether your feet see sunlight year-round in flip-flops or your toes are hidden in those snow boots, here are the tips to treat them right.

Hands are what we explore our tactile world with,and feet well they are amongst the most sensually wired appendages to the body as anyone who has explored that will tell you,so why not touch'em up. Even though I am trained in both Manicure Pedicure I do not offer those two as such.

And I simply feel the folks who do nothing but the nails all day are in my opinion quite good at it, so let them do that end of Spa world spectrum.

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