Manscaping services by Men's Health and Beauty Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault. Benchmark Body hair clipping, shaving and colour not found in the mainstream men's Spa services menu.Coming to a Gay Men's Spa in a Boutique Hotel located near the Zona Romantica area of Puerto Vallarta Mexico...due to the potential found there. After being the best kept ManCave secret at 10 Huntley Street, Toronto from 1997-2018. Clean professional, non sexual Spa services for men , by appointment.

Manscaping Services,Spa  Boutique Hotel in Zona Romántica Puerto Vallarta

Men's Body Hair Grooming Services 

Spa  Boutique Hotel in LGBT Zona Romántica Puerto Vallarta

Manscaping Services Toronto; Claude Edwin Theriault Huntley Street Toronto,Ontario,M4Y2K7 from 1997-2018... soon Mexico

Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault  will continue to  offer practical advice as to which is the best solution for you, using the MBF-Lifestyle platforms to keep you in the loop .

I continue to be confident of the need for personalized Men's Body Hair Grooming Services , with possible moving MBF-Lifestyle to a Gay Men's Spa  Boutique Hotel in Zona Romántica Puerto Vallarta...due to the progressive mindset of the of my setting up there...

Since my entering the Spa industry in 1990 I formulated a more full Men's Spa Grooming services menu that has body hair waxing, as well as clipping, shaving with colouring for chest stomach and public hair bush.Cost of manscaping services in Toronto can be very high, as well as who is the best Men's Spa services place? Well the male beauty forum is the solution.

My 10 Huntley Street studio setup was not found just anywhere and serves my Male clients very well, by providing them with massive transformational value as well as the most relaxing moment of the week if not the month, in a an environment that is clean quiet and professional.
My clients were the most divers bunch of guys Toronto can offer: they are Gay, Bi, Straight, married ,Single,Divorced,Widowed, White,Afro American,Arab,Jewish,Hindi, …18 years of age to 81, rich, poor,Bay Street Lawyers to Construction Guys.... Diverse...and then some.

No two were alike, however they were all well mannered and above all well groomed. They locked me in as there Go to Guy for next 200 years since they get attitude free service with a technician whom they know trust and enjoy seeing.

An just one example of a clients needs, but not indicative of all of the menu request I did would be for example…  the classic Back, Butt and Shoulder waxing ,with a clipping trim of Legs, Torso and Arm Hair, perhaps some colour on the Torso and Pubic hair to take 10 years  off, with a few laser zaps on the hard to reach ear hair.A bit of a body shave with fresh clean one use blade .

All at factory outlet prices in a time frame that is not rushed.,,,a combo you cannot get just anywhere from One set of hands in one setting.

Watch video of my Men's Body Hair Removal work at my YouTube Channel

That is why my Male Beauty Forum was registered with the city as a very legitimate business; located 19 floors above the mainstream. One of the best kept secrets for  Mens Spa services studios in Toronto,

Watch for the eclectic News and Trends. I am at the top of my skill sets, and my artistry is not just limited to my works on canvas, it is also applied to sculpting and working the male form via Men's body hair grooming as my established clientele always  say.


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What's in it for…you ask; well if you want a personalized service with attention to detail from a Spa technician interested in having you as an establish client for the long term providing you with great professional services and respect , it is very hard to find in the New Tim Spa Franchise circuit. It was, what was beyond the mainstream street level Beauty Bar circuit. 

Watch the videos of my past work and walk through of my creative Studio space and contact me , I offered free 30 minute consultation with no obligation to purchase anything, simply to meet and see if my Manscaping services spa menu could  meets your needs,something mainstream simply do not....yet.

Since Mens Spa Services needs differ from women's by a lot. Mainstream tries to integrate so as to cash in on the male market and even though they are making progress it still is a bit of an oil and water mix that does not quite hold 

Unlike Waxing bar where it is more drive them through and get the gratuity at the end. Since Beauty Bar is part of Bar culture where staff are paid minimum wage and turn over is high to say the least. And no real lasting Customer/practitioner relation is made or built upon.

Male Beauty forum has seen them come onto the scene with guns blazing only to see them go down in a million dollar bankruptcy blaze 1or 2 years later since they come form a place of Spa Branded Ego as opposed to providing client service, that serve their needs.

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Shop carefully in choosing a place and technician to provide your body hair grooming needs ,since once you do find one that has your needs and menu set up you are really good to go for the long run.

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