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Mens Laser Body Hair Removal.™

Mens Laser Body Hair Removal, it seems is the Physique Pictorial Benchmark these days,everywhere as it is here in my laser clinic in Toronto, and as such articles on the subject will tell you it is growing in popularity.How it works is that; it Kills the root (Dermal Papilla) that produces the unwanted excess body hair.

Male Laser Body Hair Removal, is a relatively new science and is still very much evolving.Information on prices and the cost for full body laser hair removal treatments vary as do the quality and safety.Not all Lasers are created the same,there are short pulse lasers(ie Rudy ,Alexandrite,and Diode) and there are long pulse lasers like ND Yag .

My work is not scars,stretch marks or cellulite reduction, it specializes in Male Laser Hair Removal in my Toronto studio since 2000 with a very safe long pulse ND Yag Smart Epil ll by Deka Mela a very experienced and reputable quality manufacture in Florence Italy.

Specifics on MensLaserBodyHairRemoval, apparatus Deka Mela Laser Manufacturer

Fact is I have found it produces the best and safest Permanent Mens Laser Body Hair Removal, results,Hence my reason for purchasing it, it is the Formula 1 of unwanted body hair removal. Once the surface is clipped of hair,chilled with a gel pack,a hand piece delivering 1-2 flashes per second on a 5mm diameter area is passed over the surface,heating the hair shaft to (150-180C) with the heat going down the shaft of the hair and cauterizing the root.

Only when hair is in the growing Anagen phase can the root be killed since the shaft is attached to the root,once the shaft is in the shedding Catagen or resting Telagen phase the root cannot be killed , due to the shaft no longer being connected to the small root ,Hence the need for a treatment 3-4 weeks later to catch the next growing cycle.

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