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MensTantricSex. ™

MensTantricSex is among other things a powerful Sacred Sexuality ritual. An act of Body,Speech and Mind. A Spiritual/Sexual sex way to"wake up the body".So that things can move from the upstairs head department to the downstairs body department in the lovemaking art department. One can practice alone or with a beloved partner, using breath and the official language of touch; to take the energies that arise in the Genitals and moving it back up to the Heart and Crown Head spreading energetic Joy throughout the body.

Inner traditions of Tantra source for men making love a meditation

I know it sounds all very flaky and New Age like but it is not; nor is Kama Sutra positions wizardry. The bottom line is,it's a practice exercised daily to reach serious higher ground. Since it requires a need to let go of fixed, conditioned reactions and habits.

As men we are so conditioned to perform and score as opposed to Surrendering to the Realm of the Senses of this present moment.It is this surrender to what is not clearly defined and definitely not available to learn in DVD,PDF, or CDROM.

That makes a terrific tantra tantrum Sex practice something that it is not for the typical basic male. But rather for the ones who have the discipline to work at getting somewhere not just "in Life" but "with Life".

However in terms of Beauty and Sheer Cool Factor nothing compares to a good disciplined daily Practice. It is without a doubt the ultimate in Sex Appeal since it transcends "Ego Based Mainstream" and is so undefinable.Which has great allure in the Realms of male virility and the Masculine Sexual Mystique.

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