Men's Health and Beauty Therapist ; offering Manscaping Tips -Mens- Spa Services of Body Hair Waxing Clipping Shaving in Toronto.#MaleBeautyForumLifestyle GTA...Clean Professional nob sexual Mens Spa Services By appointment Nova Scotia Artist Gallery of Male Nude artwork form drawings ,etchings, lithographs ,silkscreens to oil on canvas. A full spectrum of artworks depicting the Male Nude . By French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault and his Nova Scotia Art Gallery of works on line form his south western Nova Scotia studio.

Nova Scotia artist gallery

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Man cave Male Nude Wall Art...

Currently finishing work on The Year of the Dragon inspired painting entitled Twin Sleeping Dragons. Born in the year of the Dragon man Sleeping on the very back of his animal totem spirit on the shores of the new day.

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Art Prints

This years Nude Male Wall Art selection finds me working on my continued zero point 2012 inspired artwork . This 4'X5' oil on canvas painting; starts out as Corporate on the left and Greed on the right.However in the continuing months of work it morphs into Peace on the left and Harmony on the right. Embracing arms around the Earth mandala; all of it seen from deep space.

More then a year in the making it is part of the esoteric inspired art movement of time quake zero point and the 5125.36 year Mayan Calender.

View Zero Point 2012 painting Part 1:

The Romulus and Remus painting took all of 2010 and the first part of 2011. 

It is a great Italian legend of Operatic proportions: in brief.

The Romulus and Remus twin are known as the founders of Rome although Romulus is sometimes said to be the sole founder. Their grandfather Numitor,was rightful king of Alba Longa.
Numitor's brother Amulius deposed his brother, killed his sons and forced the Queen Rhea to become a Vestal Virgin,to secure his own power but Rhea met either the god Mars or the demi-god Hercules and conceived Romulus and Remus, legend is not quite clear as to which is the father.
When the twins were born, Amulius left them to die but they were saved by a she-wolf Loupa who found them and suckled them in the forest. A shepherd and his wife then raised them to manhood as shepherds.
Since they were of noblesse the twins proved to be natural leaders and acquired many followers. When told their true identities, they killed Amulius, restored Numitor to the throne and decided to found a new city for themselves.

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Nude Male Art update page of the MaleBeautyForum, features more current works I continue to develop.Mostly from my Imagination as the principal source of inspiration for my work in my sketches.,And I am pleased to present an update on Fine art male nudes and classical drawings of men and the male body in Video.

Seen here is one of several current: beyond gay erotic art works in progress.Getting nice video airplay these days is A 4'X6' representation called "Cyclops Forging Lightening for Zeus".

Cyclops painting below is a work that took all of 2009 to produce.

It has Arges "Brightness" pouring the liquid fire,Brontes "Thunder" pounding it on the anvil, and Steropes "Lightening" molding the liquid fire by clamping it into place.

All in the Tartarus underworld in which they are held captive by Kampe the demon/monster of greed for the power of silver and Gold.However Zeus killed her with Thunder to free the giants from their prison to aide him in his war against the Titanes.

Good basic French Acadian Symbolist artwork representing the triple axis of power between The UK ,U.S.A and Iraq. Not that I am political it's just how Symbolist paintings tend to have another story running parallel to the visual on the canvas.

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