Men's Health and Beauty Therapist ; offering Manscaping Tips -Mens- Spa Services of Body Hair Waxing Clipping Shaving in Toronto.#MaleBeautyForumLifestyle GTA...Clean Professional nob sexual Mens Spa Services By appointment Nova Scotia Artist Gallery of Male Nude artwork form drawings ,etchings, lithographs ,silkscreens to oil on canvas. A full spectrum of artworks depicting the Male Nude . By French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault and his Nova Scotia Art Gallery of works on line

Nova Scotia Art Gallery,works in progress ™

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Quickly becoming the Go to Source for great Mancave Wall Art , in the Print on Demand POD format.

Due to the eclectic subject themes depicted and not found in the mainstream Wayfair market.

My Online Male Nude Art Gallery had me working on Zeus Kills Kempe during all of 2014.A 4'X5' Oil on canvas art piece that can be

       found at my art gallery at . 



In the 2012 Year of the Dragon my Online Nude Male Art Galley ;had me working on this 4'X5' Oil on Canvas painting of a born in the year of the Dragon man asleep on the back of his Dragon animal totem .On the shores of the new day.... Currently complete,updates on my work can be  seen at my new gallery at  artmajeur.

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Fine Art America

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Then 2011 saw me complete Corporate and Greed become Peace and Harmony wrapping their embrace around the earth Mandala as seen from deep space. 4'X5' Oil on Canvas , really nice in low light, since one seems to be looking back at earth from deep space. Not your basic Art Gallery of Nova Scotia mainstream stuff. This is very esoteric inspired by the zero point 2012 mindset.

The three Cyclops force Lightening for Zeus in the underworld

Oil on Canvas 4'X5' Completed is 2009

One of these is how you decorate with art prints

Visit my very busy Artmajeur/malebeautyforum Gallery... Nova Scotia Artist Gallery

2018 sees MBF=Lifestyle East Coast Art Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault move to the south west Nova Scotia land of Maude Lewis 

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