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  Online Business Success, Secret™

Online Business Success, Secret number one is the Mobile App phenomenon sweeping the world.The Internet has gone mobile and Apps are the new software.As I write there are 5.2 Billion Mobile phones; Apple has passed the Billion download mark. As of now in Social media science it is all about building a two way conversational networking platform as opposed to a one way marketing platform, Mobile Apps do that for you. People are sick and tired of being marketed to by faceless corporations. They want and seek out social media that gives them the stuff they are specifically interested in,these days people do business people they know and trust .

If your just starting to build your presence start with content using the tips listed in the rest of this post. However the new Big Daddy on the block is Mobile Apps.

Very important Online Business Success mindset to take from the word go,this is done with opt-in pages that ask visitors for their name and email to receive great information they are interested in.

For free start with content,and easy to index and find page with a title, picture,text,links,comment section and lots more set to go .One or two pages is cute, then keep at the content submission to provide "content that is Enlightening,Educational,and Entertaining with timely relevant information ,so as to gain trust.

Always test markets for compensation plan profitable turnkey products to sell.If you wish to find plenty of affiliate marketing products tested and set to go, there is Click Bank and commission Junction with their nice market place of respected merchants. Look for high gravity since it sells, but read tutorials , view the pitch landing pages if you like it create a hoplink to paste on your page and your set to start.

Avoid Amazon, e-bay or AdSense affiliate programs on your site,since they do not pay nearly as well. Keep your page all yours and all clean with links to the right places since links are the highways to you and your business opportunity on the web. Still keep at it and read again don't let frustration make you quite. Hone your skills your new career confidence then establish your goals,get at it and start again at your home based future life.

There are many pros who share their accumulated info with free emails, get on their list and learn the lingo for free. When you find one that really speaks to you stick with them.Since it truly is a personally chemistry thing,who we chose as a mentor to help us set up our branded name and presence,on our path to creating the financial wealth that comes with Online Business Success.

Then go to Adwords and research 100 potential niche market campaigns you would like to promote by writing on these topics. Under your name or better yet the fixed registered company name you will brand and us forever, then put up 100 lens and or pages let them sit in the search engine sand box while the indexing robots feel them out,visit them to re edit until you get the great joyful feeling of seeing them show up here and there for searches on that topic. It has taken time for me but these days when I check there they are. Patience and perseverance gets you there in the long run

Keep them there with links to your new site when that is up, or cut and paste them into your new site itself if you feel they can be of better us there. is free but you don't own the content which may be a problem letter when you become big like Dr Pill or Pope Oprah.Squidoo and Hubpages now have rules where you cannot plug your stuff, yet they can have their product links throughout all of your text. Google Blogger is cool as is finding a plain nice inexpensive web host server, were you own and operate the content.

With e-commerce being so easy to set up, one can have an online store that is a great asset and relatively easy to run. However it is work... as I know since I have been at it since 2001

There you go short and sweet basics on Online Business Success for you to start your info... And after that there is more to learn at this following link on my LinkedBusiness page.

In to help you get an even more clear picture of this great new world. 

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