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Online to Offline...commerce 

Male beauty Forum Lifestyle is proud to be part of the new innovative trends that are disrupting the conventional coupon offers system.    

The 020 industry is the new  Online to Offline Commerce industry way to go.

Major publications like Tech Crunch have declared the industry a trillion-dollar opportunity. Saying how the average American earns $40,000 per year and spends the majority of that income locally, with only 9 percent spent on the internet.

For local business owners, this is good news. That means there are trillions of dollars floating around the local economy for them to scoop up. The challenge these business owners face is how to make sure their store, and not someone's down the street, gets that revenue.

The fact is  96 percent of consumers will research a product online before going into a store to buy it, and with more and more consumers using smartphones, business owners are realizing the importance of online marketing to draw in these customers.

Using Card Link Offers or CLO as they are called . Clients link there cards to U Card they go to a merchant that offers up to 10%Cash Back, instead of useless points or the 1% cash back which is the majority of offers.

For merchants who want more paying customers coming through their doors U-Card is a free win win situation like other

The merchant only pays after the customers have come in and bought, Coast per revenue as it’s called. New world order of doing smart business that is throwing conventional per for advertising in advance and hope customers will come in mindset.

Have a look at the video below to see just how effective this system is... it is a real eye opener.

Online to Offline and you

Online marketing is expensive and can be challenging for the small-business owner. Ideas like Groupon and LivingSocial were thought to be the next big thing, but in recent years they have lost their hit their saturation point ;and are simply not working well these days.

Since merchants are tired of having to pay back more then 1/2 of what they bring in with Groupon coupons... and smartphone savy people do not want coupons.

The card Link Offer (CLO) is the ideal solution,as smart business owners are discovering.The trillion-dollar industry was sitting there waiting for a Card Link Offer (CLO) startup, to fill the void with a new tech solution. One of those companies seeking to bridge the gap between online and offline commerce is San Diego-based Empyr, and their Certified Partners like MBF Lifestyle.

After five years in the Card-Linked Offer industry under its consumer brand, Mogl, the company realized that the technology and partnerships it had established with the top three card providers could be used at a much larger scale.

Now they have 1500 top level partners like Yelp,Bank of America, Virgin Airlines  that feature "for free"businesses that accept U-Card. Once customers have visited the business and bought at full price, then the merchant is billed for the the 10% cashback that brought them in,as well as a 10% fee for the partners that featured the business,Empyr and MBF Lifestyle account manger that works with the business owner to get them more paying customers and money....

Online to Offline...commerce 

Visit the MBFLifestyle site to discover how accounts manager Danny can explain everything from A to Z. How it is free to join and set up. How the merchant has access to a real time dashboard with all the stats all the time as well as a dedicated Accounts Manager to help.


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