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Power energy drink.Spike&Crash Free™

Looking at the 1.8 million search engine results ,and the 20 Billion in Power energy drink,and power bar sales forecast for market by 2012 it is easy to see they are a big thing. However when one reads reviews on the nutritional information in the Red bull,power thirst types of monster fuel it can get scary. The main ingredient is lots of cheap carbohydrates or sugars resulting in ,the rush,jolt,boost then subsequent lows and crashes. Since the Herbs used do not have enough natural caffeine the toxic artificial stuff is added on.

And of courses there is that big one "Taurine",so scary I won't even talk about it. Reactions can vary from Hives, the shakes, diarrhea, diabetes, migraines severe dehydration,or even hearth failure. So read labels carefully and realize that even though the ingredients and herbs should by definition be doing all this great stuff, the ones used in most power-drinks are just as artificial as the vitamins added to sugary breakfast cereals.

View a Plain Explanation on Spike and Crash:

For true raw food types there is Electrifire made from Marine Phytoplankton and sold direct from the manufacturer only My Forever Green who utilizes patent-pending technology AMP or Aquaous Molecular Partitioning So as to take natural plant concentrates and make them become water soluble so they become bio available to the body on a cellular level.

It is a class onto itself it really is due to the quality of the ingredients and the meticulous manufacturing standards by which it is manufactured.

This one of a kind process preserves the essential oils, resins, and powerful antioxidant-rich phytonutrients of the whole marine phyoplankton plant.

Have a read on their product brochure and see. How the ingredients in this product give an lift that last without the crash...

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