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Raw Food Drink,™

Raw Food Drink, is not the latest craze it is more like a return to none processed fast food that just plain throw our stomach ph levels out of balance. Once one starts a more raw and organic fresh food diet;the competitive edge you get and feeling of energized lightness is a way of life you will not want to give up. Research and learn about,this concept of enzyme rich food like all fruits, vegetables,seeds, sprouts, grains, nuts, sea vegetables like marine phytoplankton, and other organic/natural foods that are not over processed. My favorite being marine phytoplankton,since it is such a hot vegetative food source;it really is. The market in 30 countries and growing; myforevergreen company I have an account with has just recently added a raw food drink supplement with a proprietary blend of 24 whole raw foods.

That is a whole lot of nutrition in one place at one time Making it the all in one "Raw Food diet central" for people on the go, delivered to your door direct from the manufacturer.This is also good Weight Loss news,enabling you to "Solve obesity,& solve money to eat right", by promoting it;as I do. Raw Food Drink,Azul source page To be more eco friendly, and save on bottles and packaging. It comes dried in individually sealed packs one simply adds to clear water and then allow 14-18 hrs for it to reconstitute itself into a serious food experience. It is not a mystical new food habit to learn and you will discover that it even does get to taste great when you get your taste buds back.

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