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Rio 2016 Sports Memorabilia

Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle is pleased to be adding creative spark to the Rio 2016 Sports Memorabilia Merchandise pool.With the release of the Pinnacle in Sporting Excellence Logo,in the MBF Lifestyle store at Amazon.

All contributing to making the Olympic 2016 more known as we approach the Summer Olympic Games event in Brazil.

What is the Rio 2016 Merchandise?
The Rio committee has opened two to three merchandise stores in the airports. There are two such stores at San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro airport. These were opened in the month of August. Another one was opened in September.
By the end of this year, about 8000 official Rio products will be there in the market. There will be more than 150 official Rio stores, in Brazil. The merchandise includes Vinicius and Tom pin badges, magnets, mugs, towels, shirts, jackets, hats, dresses, bags, rucksacks and many more.All of in very mainstream and Disneyfied, unlike The Pinnacle in Sporting Excellence Logo that is so very sexy and part of that side to the Olympic Athletes, something the IOC does not seem to get.

What is the purpose of the Rio 2016 Merchandise?
Firstly, the Rio merchandise was licensed to promote the Olympics which will be taking place in 2016, in Brazil. It is estimated that the sales from the stores could reach about 1 billion. Thus, this amount will be directly given to the funds, which will help in running the Olympic Games.
 The prime stores are opened in the airport terminal. So, that they get both domestic and foreign customers to buy these products. Though most of the sales will be compromised by domestic people only. The other half of the fund will come from local sponsorship, selling of tickets and large input from international Olympic Fund.

What is the sales report of the Rio 2016 Merchandise?

It is expected that 70 percent of the merchandise products will be purchased by the Brazilians itself. The rest 30 percent by foreigners. The organizers expect that 25 % of the sales will come from Vinicius and Tom. They are the official mascots of 2016 Brazil Olympics. The domestic people of Brazil are buying merchandise of Rio 2016, by online mode also.

Top products of merchandise include branded flip-flops, Lego version of the mascots, stamps, coin and jewellery. International online stores of this merchandises will be on lined within February 2016. There are about 58 contracts for these merchandises, which will make about 8000 products. The ultimate aim is to have about 150 official stores with more than 40,000 sales point across Brazil.
The revenue from the sales merchandise will be clearer, by the next year. Brazil market will be overflowing with these products. All these products make people have more expectations for Brazil Olympics. The contracts are given to the most famous brands in Brazil. 80% of the shops will be in Rio de Janeiro itself.

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