Men's Health and Beauty Therapist ; offering Manscaping Spa Services Belleville /Trenton ,Prince Edward Co, Ontario. Mancave Wall Art/Home Decor ideas from online Nova Scotia French Acadian artist Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault . Using multiple (POD) Print on Demand platforms to provide cost effective Mancave Wall art/Home Decor with art reproductions. From laminated artworks ,to T-Shirt/Shower Curtain to Phone Case/Yoga Mat... it's a great way to have an art piece without the price tag of buying the original. Men's Body Wrap Services Ontario by Male Beauty Forum Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault

Spa Body Wrap.™

My Algology Diploma and on going Spa Body Wrap studies are my favorite Man Spa field .Marine Sea Algae has a profound affinity with skin and body tissue.Treatments like the Marine Algae Body Wrap provide an intense remineralizing, detoxifying, as well as rejuvenating experience, in the Sub niche domain of quality Men's Spa Services Nova Scotia style.

It consist of a preheated clay poultice applied to full or partial Body areas,then clients are wrapped in a disposable sheet of plastic and covered with a heating blanket made especially for this.Clients are heated for 20 min ,then cooled down for 20 min ,the poultice is then rinsed in the shower if it is full body or rinsed with a towel if it is a local application (ie the back).

With a host of 60 minerals and trace elements it is very compatible to tissue since the molecular structure of the green chlorophyll is almost identical to the Hemoglobin structure of our Human Blood.

Have a look at the Algotherm Skin Care Line, which is one of the few good but little known product lines.,made with Sea Algae.

It is not for everyone . Since it is beyond mainstream. However those who like it like it a lot>>>>>>>>

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