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Spa Skin Care, continues to experience a large growth in popularity; with all the marketing cannons on full blast.And missing their mark since like it simple 1 step 2 step routine at the most, with media portrayals of Man Spa Beauty Treatments do keep going around the topic with a very dated mindset.Never quite hitting the mark, on what is real and now.

Different is Better then Better

In brief there is Natural,Organic and Wild Crafted. These days natural is in name only ,read the labels with the long words. Copy those long words into the Google browser and read up and learn how those products are filled with industrial strength solvents and perfumes far to strong and far too lacking in ( principal active ingredients).It's the make or break of a product since it is the product that does the work it is supposed to do.

Wildcrafted is the best, since it grows in the wild and is simply harvested and processed meticulously with all the nutritional value maintained, wild crafted in skin care is rare,a few Sea Algae companies in France have it while most have gone the way of the Globalized/Branded and are now chemically added to the max.

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