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Sports Performance Supplement.™

Sports Performance Supplement, ghp sport is a performance enhancing product for people interested in getting an active competitive edge they can see and feel in their active sports activities. It is a safe easy 100% natural special crystaline amino acid stack.

Containing top quality

leucine,Isoleucine,valine,lysine,glutamine,omithine,glycine. Made with organic ingredients that allow the pituitary gland to produce agents that contribute immensely to the bodies capacity to regenerate and repair. Taken 6 at a time at night for men and 3 first thing in the morning and three later on for women since the pituitary gland secretes at different times in men and women.Then 6 taken 30 minutes before a strenuous workout,these amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream and travel to the pituitary gland that sends out repair and regenerate growth factor to the liver that in turn sends out repair peptide crews like IGF-1 ( Insulin Growth Factor-1) that circulate for many hours, going to each and every cell to do repair and regenerate work of damaged cells,resulting in 85-100 trillion healthier cells.This feedback loop being monitored by the Hypothalamus that measures and controls the amount of repair & growth factors released.

Quite a body cocktail resulting in decreased body fat,increased muscle mass,stamina,endurance,energy,recovery time which is very important in rigorous sport or athletic enhancement exercise programs.

Sports Performance Supplement ghp is truly a first of it's kind amino acid supplement. With it's world wide medical patent, it's rigorous testing to ensure it's WADA(World Anti Doping Agency) seal of approval as well as the much sought after NSF( National Sport Certification).

Somalife is so proud of the results delivered... that they offer a complete 90 money back guarantee(less S&H) on their product. Just try for 90 days and return the empty bottles if not satisfied.

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