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Stop Smoking Cigarettes,ASAP; is what you have to say "Out Loud" then get on it.They are a Smoking Gun,and I can even talk about how I was there for years like so many others.It is the addiction of choice,Surprisingly enough however it is about10% physical and 90% Psychological our dependence.Once you do stop the body recovers from Nicotine in a few days however the psychological dependency can last much longer. So if you light up give it up.Some start by slowing down,however the tip to follow is to set a date and quit then and there. Being sure to have chosen at least two or more proven methods like a group(yes a group) cigarette smoking is a highly addictive addition like Dope and Booze and if you want results then fight it to beat it with the right tools like a group, individual consulting,Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT,or a prescription medication for this like Chantix which is the ultimate learn and practice breathing exercises(you'll need 'em) analyse what triggers you to smoke,write down and say out loud how "Ugly" cigarettes are and above all join a group (You'll need 'em). Chantix is the new Nicotine patch of choice (get one),a New England Journal of Medicine type client of mine told me it has a great success rate. And get on this case."Nothing is Sexier then clean lungs" and the fresh breath that goes with them;for real.Think about it and look around you ,watch people who puff away and smoke their thoughts,since that is what smoking is about,just like over eating is eating ones thoughts and notice how vacant their facial expressions are when they are in the hypnotic state of their addiction because they are temporarily disconnected like the ones living addictions to any other stuff are.Not Pretty Stuff,to face but you can do it..

Have a look at The Tapping Solution; since it explores a method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). A highly effective new discovery that combines Modern Psychology with ancient Chinese acupressure; producing startlingly effective results you can see and really does.

Since EFT really can help you discover the vital secret for emotional wholeness and health. .

The Tapping solution is a great Neuro lingistic programming solution have a look and see. The Tapping Solution

Stop Smokin..

The cold facts of there being more ten 700 mostly toxic chemicals in each cigarettes, the carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, not one but close to 50 carcinogens with numerous mutagens, the damage to the hairlike cilia filters that prevent harmful particles from entering the lungs.And we all know the list goes on and on. Well use your common sense and do something about it.

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