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Swedish MassageTherapy has been the perfect after Workout chaser for the average run of the mill Athlete types, since the dawn of time. What you can expect is 5 major techniques of effleurage,friction,petrissage,tapotement with vibration and shaking done by skilled registered and licensed hands, trained in a alternative medical systems school. It increases the flow of oxygenated blood to tight muscle tissues and in so doing releases toxins from tissue and organs. It was developed in 1700's by Pehr Henrik Ling,a Doctor who used his knowledge of physiology and massage beauty techniques from the Far East and then adapted it to the European Consciousness. It became the 1st form of Full Body Massage to become prominent in the West and remains a great relaxing Cocktail that stays with you for a nice while. It is best done on a nude massage client; draped with a towel or sheet, since the sensorial aspect of it is there,and wrestling with underwear can get in the way of smooth flowing effleurage strokes that are part of Toronto Spas info on this great Massage Therapy Technique.

It was my first Certification back in 1992. Even though I am Licensed I am not registered with the College of Registered Massgae Therapist of Ontario. Since my multi interest keep me in other health, body grooming and financial lifestyle management directions, I still get enough clients to keep me active in what remains my original mind body intervention .

In 2013 I spent the last 10 days of the months of May-August offering my services in the Men's Spa in Shediac Moncton N.B. area .On the French Acadian Shore of New Brunswick,since the local scene was ready for it: with competition being Non existent. Hence the market potential,it was a successful summer run. Due to the inquiries I am receiving from men in the Halifax metro area. I am planning to offer my personalized Men's Spa services there. No telephone # there even;just serious inquiries who contacted me by email in the Contact Claude form below, to let me know if there is an interest from local Halifax Men.

To look at my work in Hot Cold LaStone massage work, discover my on site page male beauty forum LaStone Massage Swedish MassageTherapy

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