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4 Dangers Destroying Men

Fact is our vitality, success strength & confidence is due to a mans sperm and sperm count.Yet a highly regarded British Medical Journal published in 1992 how sperm counts have done nothing but drop, 50 % between 1940 1990 and the trend continues even more. To the point where many 20 year old Men; have the sperm count level of men 3 to 4 times their age. The study was taken with 15,000 healthy males fro 20 countries and 7 continents so it is a pretty accurate cross view.

And 90% is lost between 27 and 70 years of age, which is a serious downer.

 Truth is we are just a weak shadow of our former selves due to this alarming decrease in sperm count. Which is by far the single most important hormone to men. It changes everything when there is less

Weak sperm counts leave men suffering from depression, low libido,nervousness, insomnia, as well as that roll of fat at the waist that simply will not go away
Strong /high sperm levels creates Alpha Males who have what is known as the "Winner Effect" of Athletes who are Bolder stronger more assertive have lean muscle mass, high Libido,bone mass,higher Immune Function,lower risk of cancer as well as heart disease(which is the Biggest #1Killer).

Very clear and concise Info...In the Androgen Deficiency in The Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment... Amazon book link below.

Androgen Deficiency in The Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Also have a look at the Dr Sean Breen Interview Video above.

In Brief the 4 Dangers Destroying Men are:

#1 Cell phones… yes those things with their EMF signals as we carry them in our pant pockets;right next to our Prime Real Estate.
Tim ferris speaks about it in his 4 Hour Body book.

#2 Stress levels : Financial, emotional Job etc.. High Stress levels are responsible for 80% diseases as well as reduced sperm levels. It also  creates Cortisol (known as the Death Hormone)

#3 Estrogen promoting toxins like Plastics (the #1 pollution source in Humans), they are Hormonally Disruptive.
In some cases the estrogen level in 50-60 year old males can actually be higher then in females of the same age group.
Estrogen destroys our prostrate ( our 2nd most important Gland and increases the risk of cancer

#4 Diet and Nutrition; Less sugars, they are bad and rob us of Testosterone building nutrition. Eat and more Fats(Saturated as well as those found in Avocados and nuts are good.

Less soy since soy = more = estrogen,

Herbs = more and better testosterone.

A brief list of Dietary Supplement Herbs ;
Bad ones Horny Goat weed, Fadogia (side effects )

Good ones Tong Kat Ali ( Long Jack) since it has Eurypeptides & Glycosaponins. Increases testosterone, HGH as well as IGF-1 levels, decreases Estrogen levels,and some claim it  actually Increases Penis size ,simply due to the Vaso dilating  qualities it has.As well as it being due to the fact it simply helps to maintains a high level of testosterone in your body.

For quality the Indonesian type:is the one to get since the Malaysian one is a declared protected plant therefore no wild harvesting is allowed; so some is grown fast and has Lead in it.

 L-arginine – Helps in the production of more growth hormones in the body and also increases the amount of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide is important in the development of a healthy and strong body. In particular, it can help in muscle development.

Tribulus Terrestris; Great for ejaculation volume, libido and sperm count,

Muira Puama (potency wood) Bigger strong erections,

The standard Ginseng  and Astragulus so as to increase the Chi Blood energy and flow .

Zihi Shou Wu for Anti -Aging /Longevity.

I have researched found and become very impressed with the results of what is out there these days.

Might be something you should look into if you would like a change in your mood and energy levels.

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