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Text Message Marketing.™

Just when you thought Web 2.0 could not go higher,Mobile Text Message Marketing is the new beast on the block. It is quickly emerging as a highly effective medium to get you message out there. Ideal for branding since it is a non intrusive way of reminding your clients and potential clients of you and your products or services. It is part of the permission marketing mindset ;where clients have opted in to receive messages from you with the freedom to opt out whenever they wish. As opposed to the dead and dying mainstream mediums of radio, TV, magazines ,newspapers yellow pages, bill boards and flyers ;to name but a few. These conventional push marketing promotions advertise to people who may or may not be interested. Text messaging is the new pull marketing method, which draws like minded and interested people to you.

Text messages are short and sweet as are mobile websites. The screen is simply smaller then a PC so one has to downsize all irrelevant information and give a readers digest; 20 words or less description that is to the point.So far; in my experience I find that this doesn't discourage potential clients from following up and contacting you; in fact it makes them respond. With a call or a text asking(where are you located , how much do you charge, when can you see me, how can I buy this product).

Any promotion or business news you have to share now get opened and acted on now with Text Message Marketing , since we are a very pre zero point 2012;now media culture. Features like tell a friend give your message a viral potential since friends open and act on messages they get from friends, Google maps give directions on how to get to your door, and email option to text/email you right back.Text messages also have an astounding open rate of 97% as opposed to email having a 18% open rate if they get past the spam filters.

Text Message Marketing

I have been actively studying Mobile website building as well as text message marketing since it is where all entrepreneurial business types must go to share what they have with the world.As of spring 2011 I have build my first mobile website page, it is a short clear description of my Health/Spa services/products; with the basic information as well as contact info.What you see on the left is a QR Code which stands for Quick Response ,in that you can photo scan with a mobile phone, it has all the direct access information to my Health and wellness products and services, in one bar code scan. Excellent way to use technology to connect and stay connected to like minded people.Yet so few local business owners are doing this. So far the relief of having a monthly publicity budget be a fraction of what it once was, is a very rewarding feeling as is making my voice a winning one. That grows from day to day as I meet with targeted like minded new clients.

I have found Text Message Marketing, with Yep Text to be the best value for USA based clients; as for Canada and the rest of the world I have narrowed it down to Text Magic,Fast SMS and Voz 1 all have plans for little usage when you start with option to move up to a larger amount of text as your opt In list grow.

All challenging learning curve when you start , however once it is set up it is marketing straight out of the Matrix as opposed to what is no longer working now. I am moving on with it in my business and will probably be free lancing my services as a mobile website builder with monthly hosting options soon . Speaking about it with my clients has them wanting it, yet they are so busy running their business they cannot allocate the time and resources to learning, building and managing this aspect of their business, hence the creation of a market for one who can.

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