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World Cup Soccer Memorabilia

Here at the Male Beauty Forum we are very excited about the up coming 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament  scheduled to be held from June 14 to July 15th in Russia.

The 2014 event in Brasil was such a global thrill event it still resonates with the fan base of what is unquestionable the most popular Sport in the world.The excitement during those days stays for the next 4 years;until it all comes back around so as to fill Stadiums and TV viewing screens worldwide

England was the close second bid contender ,however on the end it is Russia 2018 hosting what is an awesome event to undertake.
So far the finals will have 32 national teams competing for the last of the last event to take place in Luzhnik Stadium in Moscow.
The very popular Heart and Soul Branding Logo has been unveiled by the Cosmonauts no less; at the International Space station, showing just how big of a Merchandising industry it is creating and the event countdown is not even at the home stretch mark yet.
With 18 stadiums in 13 cities, 13 of then new stadiums it is going to be Brazil "Copa do mundo de Futebol" Russian style.
World Class Pros like Tim Cahill will even extend his career so as to make it to the event.
A good source for the very latest news is Google News itself ,as well as The Guardian sports or Business Insider Sports section. Since it is going to be the event .

With Russias economy tanking daily due to the devalued Ruble . The cost will end up being hundreds of times more expensive then the estimated bid costs.
Even Qatar is on again of again with mega odds stacked up against them. However it is the Spirit of the Game that drives them onward to get it done and place them on the world media stage 24/7,come "Show Time".
Here at Malebeautyforum we are watching the scene for the World Cup Soccer Merchandise  for the 2018 games . The Brasil online stores had very creative Image Logos,and we are interested in seeing what this series will produce. From Amazon

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